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donderdag, april 27, 2023

So Your Kid Wants to Be a Twitch Streamer | WIRED

I have watched the baking streams, the synthesizer and Eurorack streams, the piano skills streams, the headphone aficionado streams, the antique toy restoration streams—and, yes, the makeup and gaming streams, with their hundreds of millions of views. I have seen bakers stare into the camera in anguish and say, 'There is a terrible problem in the fondant community.' These things I have witnessed and more. So I would not have you become a streamer. But if you must, I will teach you about the Three Questions of Streaming."

zondag, april 23, 2023

The Ocellated Tapaculo: An Icon of the Andean Forests

It is amazing that even today there are terrestrial creatures on our planet whose biology is as mysterious to us as the moons of Saturn. For example, we have no idea what their nests look like, let alone their eggs. (In fact, of the 55 species of tapaculos, only for 18 of them is it known what their nest looks like.)

If you have the heart of an explorer and haven't been recruited into the NASA space program, South America may be a promised land for you. In fact, my colleague Tomas Grim and I recently discovered – with a fair amount of luck – the nest of another songbird, the Black-throated Flowerpiercer. A relatively well-known species, but with a nest unknown until recently. But that's another story.

vrijdag, april 21, 2023

Steve Jobs' Nerdy Dating Show with Bill Gates

Check out the Macintosh Software Dating Game to find out which contestant won Jobs over:

donderdag, april 20, 2023

Canaries in the coal mine: a cross-species analysis of the plurality of obesity epidemics - PMC 

The consistency of these findings among animals living in varying environments, suggests the intriguing possibility that the aetiology of increasing body weight may involve several as-of-yet unidentified and/or poorly understood factors (e.g. viral pathogens, epigenetic factors). This finding may eventually enhance the discovery and fuller elucidation of other factors that have contributed to the recent rise in obesity rates.

zondag, april 16, 2023

“What’s the Healthiest Way to Handle a Creeping Feeling That the World Is Ending?”

Putting together a supply kit made me realize just how helpless I'd be if disaster struck. When you think about it, it's almost like we live in a world run by magic. I don't know how water, electricity, and gas gets to my house, but they've always been there. It wouldn't take much, even just a small crisis for them to be gone. What would it be like to live without these things?

Crime and Covid Set up the Next Bank Crisis

dinsdag, april 11, 2023

All the nerds are dead - by Sam Kriss - Numb at the Lodge

I think the big tipping point came in 2012, with the release of Marvel's first Avengers film. At the time, I was living in Los Angeles; I went to see the thing with two of my fraternity brothers. (Long story.) One of them had the bright idea of sneaking in some alcohol, disguised in a large bottle of cranberry juice. He poured out half the juice and replaced it with vodka, before discovering that this cranberry juice was the unsweetened kind, and that drinking even a sip of it instantly dessicated your mouth and made your tongue convulse and sent sharp waves of acid pain zipping horribly through your mucous membranes and into your brain. But he'd spent money on the stuff, so he kept drinking it. After thirty minutes in the cinema, he'd polished off the entire bottle and was starting to show signs of distress. He kept lolling around in his seat. His head seemed too heavy for his neck, and he would disturb the other viewers by mumble-shouting fuck yeah! at entirely random points in the film. The person sitting in front of him turned around and told him to shut up, that some people were actually trying to enjoy their experience and he was ruining it for everyone. The culprit swayed and gurgled and called him a pussy. Then, about halfway through the film, he suddenly vomited an immense quantity of stinking blood-red liquid over his shirt, over the seat in front of him, and over its occupant. He gasped. I'm ok, he said. Then he puked again. Another hot, sour gush splattered over everything in a two-metre radius. This time it had chunks in it. After some tussling, we managed to carry him outside. My hands were sticky with half-digested spew. I'm fine, he said. I wanna see the movie. Viscous dribblings trickled off the edge of his chin. Let's go back in there, he said. Let me find that pussy in front. I'm gonna kick his ass. Tryna talk like that to me. He stood up, tried to walk in two different directions at once, and fell over. We ordered a cab.

This was, I think, the first and only time anyone has reacted entirely appropriately to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

vrijdag, april 07, 2023

Web Fingerprinting Is Worse Than I Thought

My visitor ID was stable in Safari after visiting only in private windows across two separate sessions. This, despite using Safari's anti-tracking features, having iCloud Private Relay switched on, and using browser extensions which limit what kinds of scripts are able to run in my browser — and, again, accessing it only in private windows. On its homepage, FingerprintJS says the "VisitorID will remain the same for years, even as browsers are upgraded". It can be, near as makes no difference, a permanent personal identifier.