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donderdag, december 26, 2019

Breathability comparison outdoor clothing

If anyone wants to geek out more, I recommend reading:

Mark Verber's What is Percent of Nakedness? -

Andy Kirkpatrick's (formerly psycho vertical) writings; mainly focused on mountaineering. As such he has a lot of good advice for dressing for bad conditions -

Andrew Skurka's Breathability: an explanation of its importance, mechanisms, and limitations -

zondag, december 22, 2019


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donderdag, december 19, 2019

Grain traits traced to 'dark matter' of rice genome -- ScienceDaily

A large proportion of the DNA in the chromosomes of many plants and animals comprises genes that do not encode instructions for making proteins -- up to 98% of the genome for any given species. But this genetic information is poorly understood. Some scientists have called this stuff the 'dark matter' of the genome, or even dismissed it as 'junk DNA' -- but it appears to have played an outsized role in rice development.