Alles wat Jan bezig houdt, interesseert en irriteert... en ook een beetje onzin...

vrijdag, februari 27, 2009

Onderstaande tekst heb ik tegenwoordig op mijn werk in mijn email voetnoot.
Ik vroeg me af of jullie nog verbeteringen of nuttige toevoegingen weten ?



Should you believe in evolution ?

  1. God made the world in 6 day's ?
    • Genesis 1:1 says : In the BEGINNING God made Heaven and Earth. That is BEFORE the 6 "day's" of creation.Genesis does say that the 6 "day's" of creation ended, however it DOES NOT SAY the 7th day ended, so after 6034 years it is STILL in progress.Would the other "day's" be only 24 hours and this last one be over 6000 years ?
  2. We share much of the same DNA of with "related" species, like Orang-Utan's and Mice ?
    • We are related indeed, because we share a common CREATOR. DNA is out source code.If we are MADE by the SAME CREATOR, does it not stand to reason he would use the same code over and over again ? A GOOD human programmer does.
  3. Evolution happens on a daily base all around us ?
    • Genesis 1:24 says : And God went on to say: “Let the earth put forth living souls ACCORDING TO THEIR KINDS, domestic animal and moving animal and wild beast of the earth ACCORDING TO ITS KIND.”
      The bible say's it does, because all now living people and animals (except for those that swim) descended from the very few aboard the ark of Noah. So, yes, SPECIES EVOLVE, but that is more so because of what we CALL a "species" rather than of what we call "evolution".

De reden voor de consternatie over dit onderwerp heeft alles van doen met de folder die ik pas in de bus kreeg. Dezelfde club heeft ook een website: