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woensdag, oktober 04, 2023

It’s better to pay then to get a “free” service πŸ€”

Kendric Tonn: Relatedly, I learned very quickly running my Airbnb to never, ever offer discounts. Guests shopping for discounts were, next-to-universally, disruptive, destructive, and generally the scum of the earth. I will never hit that "run a promotion!" button again.

This is, incidentally, independent of the actual price point. I might manually drop my price 10-20% if it looks like the BnB is likely to go empty, and that's fine: just as long as I don't show up in searches for discounted rooms.

Recently I've been scammed into a subscription by [company that I will not name nor link to because I don't want to give them more airtime than they already have] a satellite and over-the-internet TV provider. The way the scam works is:
  1. Offer a 3 months free trial 
  2. Sent an email that begs a trial user to stay on as paying customer. 
  3. In the background, continue the subscription anyway. 
  4. After one more month start sending threatening emails and texts that will ruin your consumer credit rating if they don't cough up the money (and charge extra for recuperation costs) 
  5. Profit πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘
Now, they probably see themselves as a service provider and the victims of a non-paying "toxic" customer: me. 

Both they and I would have been happier if I had paid from the very beginning and simply canceled my plan after one disappointing month (the TV app works fine but there is just nothing with watching anymore).