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zondag, maart 05, 2023

#138: Do you pass the Turing test?

As we know, and despite their apparent cleverness, large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT are simply regurgitating things people have already said, with no deeper understanding. What they offer is, by definition, surface-level and formulaic. So what they excel at has a way of highlighting what in our modern world best engenders those qualities. Five-paragraph grade-school essays, corporate apology emails, cover letters, content-farmed articles, book summaries, biographies, meal or trip plans, etc. The pearl-clutching around, for instance, students, prospective employees, or media outlets now using bots to write their essays, cover letters, or articles seems, to me, like it's missing an insight. If these formats are so easy to bullshit that a robot can ace them, maybe they were never the vehicles for expression we pretended they were. Maybe we need to think of more creative, humanistic ways to teach, hire, and communicate.