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maandag, augustus 15, 2022

WFH guide: How to keep out distractions

If you are Working From Home (WFH) from time to time, you might've realized that Home really isn't a great place to Work from. 

A loud neighbor utilizing a leaf blower? The dog next door doing his imitation of the five seasons in one barking session? Those Tax statements that you wanted to look at? When was the last time anyone vacuumed the floor? Before you know it, it's 12:45, and you haven't done any work-related-work except maybe turn your laptops VPN on. 

So I've found that the best place to WFH is in fact not home, but the neighborhood's library

  1. They usually have air conditioning, so in summer it's just a better indoor climate here than at home.
  2. There are quality chairs and quality desks to work from. 
  3. Ample power outlets abound (although my M1 works longer on a day's charge than I do). 
  4. Although the internet has more information, the information density of an old-fashioned dead-tree (book) is still not surpassed. And you have a ton of those very handy nearby, just in case you, as a young urban professional "information worker" actually need some information.
  5. Free Wifi.
  6. Catering is usually pretty good too.
Are there no downsides to working from home library?

There is one I can think of:
  1. Other People
Yes, other people. They walk around. They cough. Not only that, but they talk. This should be forbidden but isn't (yet): they bring their little kids into the library where they talk, laugh, run, cry and make a general ruckus 😱

So, in lieu of the proper Regulations and Law's that will fix this long term, how can we work here without being distracted All. The. Time? 

Get yourself:
  1. In-ear custom made sound dampeners, and plug these in
  2. Next, were the 3M™ PELTOR™ Optime™ III ear muffs over your ears. (Added advantage is that people can see that you are not hearing them, which will discourage them from talking to you).
The combination of these two will block about 95% of all sounds. Other tips to minimize distractions:
  1. Choose a spot where there is no direct sunlight (to prevent glare on your screen).
  2. Sit with your back to people.
And that's it, lovely people. It is possible to work almost without distractions from a comfortable environment ☺️